Are Startup events the new Reality Shows?

A student of mine recently wrote to me saying he was surprised that most of the B-Plan competition winners failed to start or failed after starting. He looked back at one award winning B-Plan presentation and found that even he (a nascent entrepreneur) could easily locate significant gaps in its business model. What surprised him was that none of the jury asked him anything related to that. They were enamoured by his presentation. That boy, encouraged by the jury and the award went on to start the business and eventually failed.

Could this unnecessary failure been stopped? Is it the responsibility of those who sit in the jury to be critical? But then how will these competitions run? Events are a part of the show business, “show” is critical.

His mail reminded me of a Reality Show on TV for identifying super singers. On one such final the boy who delivered the best performance did not come first. It was the one who got the maximum votes from the public (the most popular one) who came in first. One of the famous singers who was on the jury came to the stage and said something like this to the that boy who sang well and did not win “You may not have won the title today, but remember you are a real super singer.” And if I am not wrong he also offered him a chance to sing in one of his upcoming movies.

This is what I told my student – Please understand that the business model of events and reality shows is to create hype and raise emotions. It thrives on populism. Though they call themselves “Reality Shows” the only thing missing is “Reality”. So be wary! But remember that they are important and have their place in any entrepreneurship ecosystem! Make use of these events if they can help you, but don’t spend your life trying to be the new actor on stage.


Peruvian Memories Captured

Between August and September this year, I spent about three weeks in this lovely Latin American nation called Peru. Apart from the time spent at work, I enjoyed learning about Peruvian culture and made some amazing friends. Here are some memories captured.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousands 🙂

Presenting Evidence – Tips from The ASQ Editor

ASQ – Administrative Science QuarterlyASQ Journal Logo

Link to journal:

I also firmly believe (like many others) that ASQ is the crown jewel among journals in management. It is every scholar’s dream to publish there at least once in their life time. Some scholars are amazing, for they publish more than once in the ASQ.

The journal publishes articles that are forward looking and research executed with the highest rigour and relevance. There is no question that when the editor of this wonderful journal says something about “Presenting Evidence”, there can only be things to learn.

Please find a short presentation from the present editor Prof Henrich Greve which I hope you will find fascinating and full of learning.


Happy Reading, Learning and Thinking!

India Israel Global Innovation Challenge

Are you applying?

If you are an entrepreneur or a research team interested in solving big challenges in “health”, “agriculture” or “water” – here is a competition that you do not want to miss. It offers financial and non-financial rewards. It also provides a great opportunity to be a “born global” firm.

The last date (as per the linked web page) for application is 12th November 2017.

Check here for details and making an application:

Go ahead! Solve big problems! Change the World! One step at a time!

Take the first step today.

Top Entrepreneurship Researchers & Institutions

Entrepreneurship is a young academic field. It is always difficult to find out who is really contributing to its development. Many times rankings are filled with biases and opinions. But when a peer-reviewed journal article suggests a list, it might actually be worth looking at it.IMG_3483

I am presently at the Nord University Business School, Bodo, Norway for a research stay. The school has many well published Professors (Einar Rasmussen, Gry Agnete Alsos, Tommy Clausen, Lars Kolveried, amongst others). I hope to learn from them during this stay. But what I did not know was that they were one among the top 100 institutions contributing to entrepreneurship research and that two of the school’s adjunct professors (Johan Wiklund and Andrew Corbett) also feature in the top 25 contributing authors in entrepreneurship research. While I was excited to be here anyways, knowing this makes it all the more special. Hope to collaborate and learn from the wonderful scholars here.

Link to the paper:

Prof Andrew Corbett was here the whole of last week. All of us received feedback on our paper ideas and working papers. There were discussions around collaborations and building on each others work. This is a very progressive culture for research. A lot of tips from senior scholars about “getting published” was helpful, especially for us (junior folks).

Congratulations to the whole team at Nord University Business School for being one of the top 100 contributing forces to entrepreneurship research and wishes for greater glory.

I am really glad to be here in this lovely and vibrant environment for entrepreneurship research and look forward to an entrepreneurial experience.

SEE Conference 2018

SEE – Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship

I met Prof Markman (Founder and Organising Committee member of SEE) at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) earlier this year at the University of Oklahoma (OU). His enthusiasm to connect with junior scholars seemed infectious. Though I had heard about the SEE earlier, listening about it from the founder of the conference was a privilege. I can only tell you that if “sustainability”, “ethics” or “entrepreneurship” matters to you; then this is one conference that should be on your list.

I also heard a few other researchers recommend that SEE is growing to be an important place for serious scholars to go. A few people even told me that it is all the more important for junior scholars, especially considering the level of feedback that one receives. Though I have never been to the SEE, I look forward to experiencing one soon.

So, it is my pleasure to share the details of this conference with all of you. The link below provides a lot more details about what you can expect. It also has the call for proposals. I am sure if you have papers to submit, then you shouldn’t miss the deadlines!


Good Luck!!

Why we must work on 02nd October?

Today is 02nd October 2017. In India we celebrate this as “Gandhi Jayanti” – to commemorate the birth anniversary of the “Father of our Nation” – Shri Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi). If you wish to know more about him, please look up here:

The 02nd of October is generally a “holiday” in India. This year it is even more special because it falls on a Monday – (surprised?) – it makes this weekend what people refer to as “long weekend”. 🙂 So most people are on vacations and “getaways”.

A friend of mine and I decided to catch up to discuss work on a new research project that we have been wanting to kick-start since sometime now. As we met up and were discussing, another colleague of ours who saw us asked us “How we are celebrating Gandhi Jayanti?” – both of us smiled at each other! But after a second the immediate thought that occurred to me was – what better way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, but work. After all, was not “Mahatma Gandhi” one of the biggest proponents of “Karma” (action)?

So here we were trying to spend some time of today doing action (karma). Thanks to my colleague who asked this question. It led to this rumination and satisfaction.

Engaging in “Karma” will act as a mark of respect to a man who worked much of his life and sacrificed much of his life, so that many of his fellow country – men and women; can have a life.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti!