Milestone Fascination

Crossed 15,000 kms in my new Car! Crossed 500 friends on FB! Sending the 100th tweet on twitter! Ticked of all items in my to-do list for the day!

Milestones are important to us. They give us something for aspiring to achieve and something to feel proud; acknowledging and celebrating. The moment we realize we have crossed a milestone, a special feeling comes from inside us; a surge of adrenaline rush follows making us ready as we set upon the next set of milestones.

Even though sometimes milestones can be seen as limitation of sight; reduces foresight by making you concentrate on task at hand; increases stress of needing to complete – but their positive effects simply cannot be removed or sidelined.

If it is so, then why can’t we use this tool to make life more meaningful? Why can’t we set ourselves new milestones and turn them into everyday to-do items which when done will enable us and give us the confidence to take on the next set of challenges?

If you can define, detail, act and achieve milestones, your confidence and self esteem soars and makes you do more. Sounds absolutely simple – so just do it!


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