Are you well behaved?

Man is a social being. He has been and will always be. So the new social networks or mediums are only new channels. So you ought to behave on FB as you will in the neighborhood get together. Your behavior (what you say or do) in every medium helps people form images or perceptions about you. Some of the actions/behavior online will need to be refined to reflect what you want people to think about you.

Some things that may help in making your presence felt on the web:

  • Be useful: it is probably the best way to earn attention
  • Say whatever you want but think before you type it into the web – for you can’t take back what you have said online so easily
  • Be seen regularly and consistently
  • Handle disagreement gracefully
  • Draw your line between private and public life

Image or brand is result of perception. If you value a personal brand, then it is important to decide what you want others to see or hear about what you say and do.


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