Desires and Expectations

Desire is something personal. We desire for ourselves and hence we can handle it or reason it out when we don’t see it happen. While desire is a very strong feeling which can help a man achieve things beyond his imagined capability – when unmet the mind and heart help the person to overcome the feelings and set new desires to go on with life –  a trait of social being as survivors!

But that is not the case with expectation, because expectation is almost always from someone outside of us – we are impacted more by disappointment of a failed expectation. When it is someone else we most often do not reason out, acknowledge, understand or forgive so easily.

So expectations by their very nature lead to greater amount of dissatisfaction – primarily because of its source being external to self. Though it may seem easy to say that one has to overcome the need of expectations, social beings cannot have any relationships with expectations being a part of it. If we have to have a relationship without expectations it requires a great amount of philosophical intelligence and wisdom – maturity may not suffice!


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