Full Circle

Today i experienced of what people call “coming a full circle”! A student of mine asked me for a recommendation. Normally i decline recommendation requests not because i’m too big to write one, but because i feel there are other who in my opinion are better placed to do so. But today i decided to accept the invitation to recommend one of my students for a Masters course in the US. While writing this i remembered how over a decade ago i was asking some of my Professors, Directors and Deans for a “Reco Letter” as it was and is popularly called. It was truly nostalgic.

Since i was a student i have always thought “teaching” was a great profession! It was a hidden desire to be a teacher. Though i never let an opportunity pass by to be teaching something even as a student, about a year back i got my first opportunity to be a visiting faculty not at just one but two premier business schools! Since then i have been a much more happy soul – having achieved one my hidden desires of becoming a teacher. Of course i have greater milestones to reach as a teacher (i will reserve it for a later moment!)

Today i more than adequately realized what it is (in one more way) to be a teacher! I have today the power to enable (play a strong positive role) a student of mine to get an admission he wants. I could see myself be a catalyst in him achieving his dream of higher education. And i thank God for having given me the opportunity to do so – be a teacher! I give my salute to every teacher who is playing his true role and treating this profession as how it should be – truly “Noble”

I wish my student and all other students who are planning their future paths in the months to come the very best and loads of luck to see their dreams in real life.


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