Are they dispensable?

Customers are dispensable in India!! At least that is the way we get treated. Traveling by a taxi service early morning to get dropped at station, the way we got treated was not good. It was not acceptable considering the fact that it came from a taxi service company that is charging a fair premium.

While the vehicles he sends are in great condition, its sad that the drivers aren’t that people friendly. Should the company not invest a bit more on the driver also (if not more than the maintenance of the car). Is this very difficult to see? Don’t think so!! I think the reason is more to do with the growth and availability of customers. I’m sure lot of us face similar situations in more critical circumstances (including hospitals, banks, etc).

It’s time entrepreneurs / businessmen start taking interest in customers too 🙂

So there is much opportunity in creating the same (proven) businesses with just better or improved service. You will have opportunity to create at least a few million dollar businesses! Surprised — Try it!!


One thought on “Are they dispensable?

  1. sir great thought the reason behind this is, In India many firms don’t believe in retaining customers as they have preconceived notion that there is plethora of customers which is true to some extent and therefore firms do not care on such aspects.

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