Mentoring – Food for thought

Mentors are those guiding stars who lead us to see things that are hidden in plain sight.  However mentoring is very different from dishing out common-sense grounded advice. Here are few thoughts on what could make the mentor-mentee equation work on HBR blogs:

 You can also read some earlier thoughts on “ what mentoring means for an entrepreneur” – and “what it takes to be a mentor”:

 Would love to know what you think..


One thought on “Mentoring – Food for thought

  1. The challenge is always to FIND the mentor. Mentor Resources has tools for organizations (corporate, professional associations, school alumni networks, governmental) to match people and manage the program.

    Without an organization, a structure and regular reminders to what to do in the next follow up, most mentoring experiences are a mixed bag.

    Interestingly, research published by the HBR (Sept 10?) suggest that my views, as a woman, may be biased. Women seem to need the formal structure, and men tend to get more out the informal mentoring experience.

    Raj – we have an ongoing discussion about all things mentoring on our website. You can use @MentrResources to participate or check us out at

    Thanks for the comments, Kim Wise, CEO

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