Vedantic Wednesday: The Tool for ‘FOCUS’

Very often ‘FOCUS’ is touted as the most important factor for success, be it individual or organizational. But very rarely are tools discussed to help a person maintain focus.

Answer for this lies in a much-misunderstood aspect of Vedantic teachings.  It is often understood that to gain concentration one should meditate. But when one actually digs a little deeper, they will realize that meditation actually transcends beyond concentration. To concentrate is in itself a distracter to meditation. Because the moment you concentrate, you are on to something, while meditation is actually taking you to the land of nothingness!

On a similar analogy – to gain focus we are often told to ignore every other aspect of consideration. So the performer gets busy in denying distractions. In today’s world, asking a person to ignore distraction is rather impossible. It may be easier to respond to only what is essential. Hence devising for your self a simple rule of thumb to choose what to respond to then becomes key. If this seems as only redefining perception – then let us also understand that perception is what defines our response.


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