Vedantic Wednesday: Beyond the Story!

It is said that for every question that man asks, there are answers, solutions or at least initial thoughts in Vedantic Literature. Whenever we take the bold step into the land of Vedantic treatise, we are bound to meet with a lot of deep wisdom and thinking. Every bit of this deep thinking is buried in simple stories or dialogues. Characters are created and stories are woven around them to elucidate this deep thinking.  But very often people give up their bold journey of discovery even before they take a few steps. Reasons galore!

Many feel that this mythology is just adept story telling by some talented storytellers. They get carried away by the power of the storyline. They either become a fan of the story or abandon their search considering the volumes as too imaginative. It takes a lot more effort, trust, honesty, persistence and humility to dig deeper into this trove to discover the hidden treasure. When we dig deeper into this unadvertised and authorless body of work – we will be surprised by the deep thought that has gone into packaging the unshakeable truth in such flights of fantasies.

Why did the masters who detest even speaking little, while staying in cosmic unity take effort to write such elaborate stories? Why did they work better than today’s best scriptwriters to weave the characters the way they are? Why did they, who love brevity in speech, encourage such detailed mythology?

A little thought seems to give us answers! I think they did this because of two primary reasons:

  1. The wisdom is too subtle and deep to be received by people as worthy.
  2. Most people don’t have the level of concentration to receive such distilled wisdom.

To be able to see such a situation worsen centuries later and hence packaging the messages to live a long life, the unnamed and realized masters have proven that they were truly realized souls.

They believed that with the guru-shishya (master disciple) tradition, the message in the form of stories would live longer and hence embedded deep wisdom within them, thereby making sure we in today’s world are able to still gain access to them.

But the sad part is very often only the mythology is recognized and not the message!

The Ramayana and The Mahabaratha (probably the most widely read Vedantic volumes) are today remembered as stories and not as lessons for living life.  In this attention deficit world, one really does not spend the needed effort to peel the layers of stories to enjoy the seed of wisdom.

If today’s education is not delivering what it is supposed to – this is also a reason!  Where words, are given more importance, than embedded concepts.

In the interest of our life and that of our progeny it will make immense sense to read the message behind every good work and not just the story – in both Vedantic literature and life!

Happy Reading!


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