Vedantic Wednesday: Prana and Length of Life

I am sure all of us have heard of news on miracles and the most of us have convinced ourselves that the secret behind the magic is not true! How False? This is why I think this requires further study.

I have begun reading a lovely book titled “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson. Its a book about patterns of innovation and let me tell you, though I have just merely passed 80 pages, I can tell you the book is too good to put down unless you really have more interesting stuff happening in your life! But this blog is not about the book or a review of it (I will reserve it for later), but it is about an interesting story I read in the early pages which struck me hard.

It was on a person named Kleiber and the law he discovered remembered by the world as Kleiber’s Law. It was widely recognized by both scientists and animal lovers that as life gets bigger, it slows down. This relation between size & speed was noticeable, but was not linear. Kleiber discovered after a lot of experiments that this relationship adheres to an unvarying mathematical script called “negative quarter power scaling”. Mass Vs Metabolism would be a straight line on a logarithmic grid. That is to say that if you are a bigger animal you will take slower breaths. Take the case of animals, the really small insects have lifetimes of a few hours, dogs live for slightly over a decade, human being for about six to ten decades, and whales even longer. Is it understandable that this has relation to the speed at which you breath?

Will that then mean that its just a matter of how long you take to complete your allowed quota of life breaths? Does that then give an initial pointer to suggest that if one can control breath he / she can live longer (or elongate the elapsed time of their productive life)? All these are questions which come up!

As number of modern day spiritual gurus are disseminating the power of yoga and pranayama – for the sceptics is there some deeper wisdom to why there could be some truth that people can live a few hundred years?

Yes! It definitely makes me tend to catalyze my reading on ancient wisdom so that we can decipher many things that science may still take hundreds of years to understand.


3 thoughts on “Vedantic Wednesday: Prana and Length of Life

  1. Hi Raj,
    This is my first visit here. And I’m glad I made it at least now. It’s better late than never.

    I read through the recent 3-4 articles. And they are so informative and so good to read. Love the Vedantic Wednesday concept. I’m someone who truly believe in Indian traditional values and culture. Vedic philosophy is one of the areas of interests and practice Krishna Consciousness. So, for me, reading this blog was like being in the comfort zone – it also struck the balance Intellectual and Cultural capital in terms of knowledge imparted.

    I’m an avid blogger as well (at least I used to write a lot, so passionate about writing) and so could really appreciate your writings. Inspiring for me to see you take time to blog amidst your busy work schedules. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I look forward to being here more often.

  2. There is an absolutely brilliant long study on this in the book ‘Babaji and 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition’ by Marshall Govindan! I remember this super long scientific study in this book, based on Sidda knowledge. Our Sidda’s knew about this relation way before 🙂

    This Kleiber’s law is only as authentic as ‘Super Brain Yoga’ (which is actually Thoppukaranam in Tamil – technically Dhorbhi: Karnam in Sanskrit)

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