Vedantic Wednesday: Irony of Life!

When you face difficulty it is natural for any rational, emotional being to feel sad and letdown. Nothing surprising! But the irony arises because if the universal law of attraction is to be believed this sad and disillusioned mind is bound to attract more of the things / situations that lead to more sadness and disillusionment.
If the power of the mind is to be accepted as the greatest force at hand then the only way this difficulty-faced individual can turn the tide is to be positive and happy in that situation.

It sounds terribly blasé and ironical to suggest the only remedy to sadness is to feel happy!! An almost near impossible remedy.

But the solution again comes from Vedantic wisdom – being positively focused on your goal and not recognizing the intermediate battles in the ensuing war, is the catamaran that will help us in riding the waves. In such a case wins don’t make you overjoyed and losses don’t make you overtly sad. And when one remains composed through the journey the joy of achievement becomes replaced eventually by the fully awakened experience of one’s journey. Feeling happy or sad is based on external influencers – someone ridiculing us; someone responding to us; someone ignoring us. By focusing on the goal we become inwardly conscious in our efforts – everything else is given the same treatment of an experience that is to be had – just a part of the journey.

It sounds quite tough – but then is it?


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