The Art and Science of Gifting!

Christmas and New Year – the season of lights, good will and ofcourse gifts!!
But do you really need a reason to gift people? To my knowledge – No!

What does gifting mean to you? Is it a laborious process of choosing the right article? Is it about settling on right price? Is it about the size of the gift? Is it about the value? Or Is it about the perception of the value? To many of us it is all of the above. Especially in business ‘Gift’ing is plagued with the doubts and conflicts of it being ‘appropriate’ and ‘adequate’ – that one feels it is better to abstain from the process of gifting. They then miss a golden opportunity to express gratitude, reach out to people and build relationships

This is because we complicate the gifting process with two key questions:
–      What can we give?

–      Will they like it, use it and value it?

But in my experience of gifting especially since the time I started ichiban, is that people really care much more about the act of gifting and that too in the following order:
1.  How did I receive the gift (reverence, personalized, etc)?

2.  Why did I receive this gift (love, respect)?

3.  When did I receive the gift (for no specific favor)?

4.  What did I receive (if at all one reaches this question)?

I’m loving the way people talk to us saying they are waiting to see what thought has gone into the gift for this year and what we wrote as our message rather than what the gift was by itself.
Truly, gifting is an amazing way of expressing gratitude, a lovely way of saying someone is special or a reverential way of saying how much you respect a person. And more than the receiver, you the giver is who grows through the process! As you recollect and thank the people for their small and large acts of kindness and support that has got you to where you are today – you grow that very moment in both confidence and humility.

For us at ichiban, every New Year has become that wonderful point in time where we stop and smile at the invisible hand that has brought us in contact with so many people who have played their part in moving us ahead on our journey. It is a time of true celebration for us at ichiban – to celebrate being a part of a great ecosystem!

So don’t be daunted by the ‘Gift’ but my suggestion would be ‘delight’ in the thoughts that go into the act of ‘Gift’ing!

Happy Gifting!


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