Vedantic Wednesday: Lesson in Negotiation

As I was scanning the pages of “Tattvabodha”, a publication of Sri Ramakrishna Math, I came across the passage, which I present below:

There are many nuances of truth: ‘Some one is sitting there’ is true. ‘Rama is sitting there’ is also true. ‘Rama is sitting on the bench there’ is a greater truth. ‘Rama aged 30 is sitting on the bench, in the park and reading a book’ is still greater truth. Evidently, gradations in truth reveal the clarity of comprehension of something. That which is very hazy and unclear is only half-truth, while that which is perfectly and absolutely clear is the highest truth.

Each of the above by themselves are true independently from a particular standpoint. Be it business, work or personal life we always strive to prove ourselves right and benefit by opting for the convenient worldview. The benefit could be tangible or intangible. However when we believe that our worldview is the absolute truth, we trample even better judgments /opinions, which disallows us from progressing towards greater understanding. Only with greater understanding and greater acceptance of alternate worldviews comes the opportunity to move towards gaining clarity of the absolute truth.

Many negotiations in politics, business, communities, families etc fail to produce win-win solutions because people involved are not willing to let go of their worldview, for a better one. Purposeful action can result only when you allow yourself to be led to the absolute truth. Everything else will fall short of that measure of ‘Punya’ or virtuous action.


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