To Trust or Not To Trust

The beauty of ‘Trust’ can only be realized by trusting. But you can also be ‘cheated’ only by trusting. So how does one decide to trust or not? The question should be ‘why’ not ‘how’!

The answer is you have no control or decision with respect to the outcome of trusting. It is whether to trust or NOT; that remains the question. Be it personal/professional/ business or societal – this question always arise with respect to trusting. Almost all know that without trusting there is no relationship. We evaluate and make choices. Sometimes we are right and sometimes wrong. But the result is known only when we start ‘trusting’ .

If ‘experiment more’, ‘fail –often’ and ‘fail-early’ mantra is employed; we may understand what ‘trusting’ really is. But without ‘trusting’ life (which itself is an experiment) cannot be lived.. at least to its fullest.

So try it..get ready to be cheated/treated and learn what trusting is all about – TRY IT!


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