Vedantic Wednesday: The Authorless Masterpiece

Something that has been debated – discussed and remains unresolved is the authorship of vedic literature; rather the lack of claim on authorship.

Some questions that strikes me are:

  1. How did an authorless piece of work sustain thousands of years – across eons and ages?
  2. The vastness of the literature indicates it to transcend one lifetime or even multiple lifetimes of the same period. Then this work must have been gathered across generation by individuals living in different periods, geographies etc. How is this conceivable in the land sans wiki’s?
  3. Why was there no claim whatsoever in whole or in parts to the literature if they actually evolved over ages  –  surely enticing someone down the line to realise the potential of staking claim to such a masterpiece?
  4. For what would so many individuals forsake such a claim?

The lack of ownership claims on this vast and eternal masterpiece(s) intrigues us today as much as it must have, for the hundreds of generation that lived before us.   One analogy that comes to my mind when I consider the above is this: While Newton can claim ownership over discovery of Gravity –he cannot claim ownership over gravity

What then these nameless authors came upon was discovery of the ‘Absolute / Eternal Truth’! And as they realised it all that was there in front of them was to share in all possible ways their experience with people around them – without staking their claim on the ‘Eternal Truth’ because doing so would render it instantaneously meaningless.


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