Vedantic Wednesday: Born Vedantin?

Born Genius! Born Leader! Born Actor! So is there a Born Saint? A Born Vedantin?

Is the understanding ones’ SELF reside in the hours of serious study that one would have to invest in scriptures?

Is it necessary for a man leading a normal life (samsara) to forsake and make amends to all his bad karma before embarking on the journey to realize SELF?

Is that the reason that there are so few realized souls amongst the multitude of many?

These questions have been churning in various versions in my mind as I began my journey in understanding the Vedanta philosophy. 

Many times despite being an ardent fan of the Vedantic teachings – I found myself feeling helpless as though one lifetime of mine is not enough to grasp the meaning of SELF. Very often I have thought the more I understand the more I am getting paranoid that I may not be able to find answers as I have started off this journey late in life.

The answer however for this FAQ jumped out of a rather innocuous experience of power-cut in the middle of the night. Within seconds the whole house was bathed in thick and silent darkness.  We all waited for sometime for the current to come back so that we could escape the humidity and humming of mosquitoes. When the current did not come and we were running out of patience – I saw the room suddenly bathe with wonderful light – just for 2 seconds.  I realised my mom had stuck a match stick to light a candle.

In that matter of seconds, a small match stick was enough to dispel the heavy darkness that had engulfed all of us over the period of 20 minutes. That one spark was enough for us to see light and create more. We did not require an equivalent amount of light as that of the darkness that had descended on us earlier.

Albeit a transient experience – I felt stuck by the brilliance of the scheme of things that are planned for us.

A lifetime of darkness, spent without realizing our potential and purpose – does not require another lifetime of self-realization. All it needs is that one moment of connect between us and the supreme within us.

That one moment of WOW does not require you to plough through the oceans of texts – years of tapas – eons of renouncement. That one moment just requires you to fine-tune your vibrations to hear what is within you.

Vedantic texts and their teaching are the guide that help us fine-tune our instruments to the frequency of the supreme – and thereby experience the bliss of unison. The best part of this is that it can be experienced at will.



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