Vedantic Wednesday: The Three Instruments

All living organism are bestowed upon with one or more of the following three instruments. 

  • Body – This is the physical form that is provided to exist in the real world. All living being posses a body. There is very little that a living being can do with the body alone. Hence we do not find emotions or decisions expressed by beings that exist at the physical plane. 
  • Mind – The second instrument bestowed upon a living being is the emotional tool, namely the mind. This tool enables a living being to experience the inputs given by the physical body and react. This response is then an expression of the emotional state.
  • Intellect – Interestingly, we find that amongst all living creatures it is the human being who has been given this third and the most powerful instrument called the intellect. The intellect is the one that differentiate the humans from all other living being. It provides the ability to discern and choose. This makes it possible for the human being alone to choose and respond wisely.

 It is widely detailed in the various Vedantic texts that human beings alone are given the opportunity to realize the self operating through them. The process of self –realization can be undergone successfully only if the instrument called intellect is recognized, developed and put to right use.  The whole of Vedantic philosophy across millions of pages of literature helps the human being to realize the above.


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