Strategy is all about being Unique!

I am a big fan of everything Japanese. Right from their green tea to their oldest managerial practices – there is a touch of elegance, thoughtfulness, care and sincerity. At the core there is an earnest effort of value-adding. This careful approach to solving consumer challenges by crafting innovative and valuable solutions brings uniqueness. I had an opportunity to have a close encounter of this special touch this week,

As I was browsing at landmark – Kokuyo notebooks got my attention because:

  • They were Japanese (nihongo)
  • They looked attractive
  • They felt nice on the hand when held
  • The paper quality was good
  • The quality of binding was good

When I reached home and opened to use one of them, the text(content) written on the inner cover about company as well as the differentiators stunned me! Clearly detailed was a point-by-point listing of why Kokuyo note books provide a different experience to its user.

So much thought in the making of a very commoditized category: notebooks. Why should someone explain why and how a Kokuyo notebook is different from others?

Isn’t this an outcome of a well crafted business strategy? Isn’t this the outcome of asking the right fundamental questions? Isn’t this the result of wanting to be unique, different and sought after? Isn’t this all about focus?

Then this is the result of a good strategy!


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