Vedantic Wednesday: Use of Intellect

Extending from our last post, looking at the world around it is quite natural for one to conclude that the least used instrument bestowed upon the human beings, is the intellect (to know about the three instruments read

However all of the so called worldly progress and/or development can be attributed to a small proportion of human beings who chose to put the intellect to use. The ability of the instrument namely thinking, reasoning, decision making and discerning was used as the basis for enquiry to explain the workings of the world around us. It was also the same ability that has provided solutions to numerous worldly challenges; and has created opportunities to think beyond.  The continuing interest in research shows promise of advancing our knowledge of the world – which is conceivable by us.

Even though the above is exciting and is being practiced by only a few – the beauty of what is being missed out is even greater.  The subtler aspects of the use of the intellect stops exploration about the conceivable external world, and initiates contemplation inside us. This contemplation of the SELF known as ATMAN helps a human being to recognize the illusion of the external world thereby understanding reality.

 We are so convinced about the external world as reality that acknowledging this to be illusion, is in itself transcendence. This aspect of moving from the known to the unknown and understanding the true nature of ourselves is self realization. The moment we recognise our true nature and connect with it and stay with it – we become enlightened.

The process of becoming self realised helps us to live our natural state. This automatically removes all pressure, stress and strain from our thoughts and actions. It brings about meaning to our life on earth.  This may not lead to happiness but it definitely will catapult us into a state of bliss.  If we can put more and more portion of our intellect into this search for who we are – it would be actually putting the instrument to its intended use!


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