Adult Supervision!

No this post is not about what you are imagining! But it is about an equally sensitive topic.

It is about an issue that requires serious consideration from entrepreneurs, especially the novice. This topic though not widely discussed is essential. It is all the more important in today’s world with much of the entrepreneurial population being fairly young with limited life experience.

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that there is no time which is right other than the time when the founder / founders think is right. Since the world is seeing a lot more people finding this as their calling in life pretty early – especially at an age when their experience with society has not been adequate – this topic becomes important.

Does an entrepreneurial firm require adult supervision? It is different from whether an entrepreneur himself / herself requires adult supervision. Here are some thoughts on the benefits and challenges that arise because of adult supervision:


  • A more pragmatic management / utilization of resources
  • Reducing influence of emotions atdecision points
  • More channelized organizational growth
  • Better practices especially with respect to compliance, regulations etc
  • Someone to check the raw energy of the entrepreneurial group

And so on…


  • Sense of someone controlling the start-up
  • Reduction in creative energy

Overall when looked at from an intellectual and rational perspective, it is fairly obvious that today’s early stage entrepreneurs can benefit from limited adult supervision – but many dislike the idea of it.

Why else will most of them not have a senior anywhere near the firm? No complaints! Just a suggestion for today’s entrepreneur’s to consider using the experienced to bring balance to the extreme energy & mood swings prevalent during the fast paced growth of a start-up.

Though at the outset it may seem like an unnecessary self-control on the start-up environment – it can be effectively and wisely used for the benefit of healthy growth of the firm.

The entrepreneur has to make a judicious choice of how to strategically use the services of an adult to bring coherence to the start-up. Successful entrepreneurs have always had a mix of experience (adult) & energy (youth) in their growth journey.

 Happy considering!!


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