Vedantic Wednesday: Managing the mix

Over the course of last week we have had random discussions with a variety of readers about the four facets that makes up a person’s personality. The last week’s blog and the numerous comments and questions received have sent us as well to reflect further on the same subject.

Can a person lead a fulfilled life developing only selected facets of the four? Can a person realise his true nature by taking the gross level practices (at the physical,  emotional and intellectual plane) to greater perfection? Can we afford to avoid the development of the subtle aspect of personality? All these questions and more forced us to take the discussion on personalities deeper.

The first aspect to be clarified is that three of the four facets that makes up a personality namely the physical, emotional and intellectual components are all at the gross plane. The fourth aspect namely the spiritual is in the subtle plane.  Hence any level of perfection achieved at the gross level does not seem to enable a person to realize his or her “SELF”

A disconnect happens because of a lack of understanding about the spiritual nature of the self.  Because the self is beyond the realm of worldly explanations it is debated with little result. Experiencing the SELF is a transcendental state.  Any amount of greatness achieved at the gross plane cannot enable transcendence.

Every human being searches for one ultimate thing: ‘BLISS’

It is in the best interest of the human being to adjust the development of the three gross components of personality as per the developmental needs of the spiritual component. This is important because ‘BLISS’ can be experienced only in the transcendental state. All other intermittent feeling of joy and happiness are temporary because they are worldly.  The only way a human being can achieve the state of ‘BLISS’ is by carrying out desire-less action.  Desire-less action can result only from a well developed spiritual SELF.

This piece may give rise to a number of questions which may seem paradoxical to the way we lead our life today – constantly driven by goals and objectives.  While we have already started toying with some of these questions – if you have any that you feel may require deeper consideration, please do not hesitate to share it with us!


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