Why should any student choose entrepreneurship over an enticing Job offer?

It is not uncommon to see students show tremendous interest in all entrepreneurship related events and activities on campus and then ironically line-up to take up campus placements.  It often seems like an anti-climax. But it is not the students who have to be blamed. For through the process they were never told in a convincing manner why letting go of those seemingly exciting campus placements or job offers is actually nothing in comparison to the joy of Entrepreneurship.  However all rationale thinking convinces a young student to take up a job rather than attempt something entrepreneurial.

The justification dished out by the ecosystem is not just economic in nature. It is true that from a pure economic stand point there is not even a case for someone to consider starting-up over taking a job; as the statistics of success is so skewed. In addition to this the social perspective also tends to encourage young minds to think of short term gains, measure one in terms of relative peer position and entertain fear of failure thereby making the cause for entrepreneurship lose before it has even taken its first step.

Unless intelligent, bright young kids of our country decide to run their own individual races it is very difficult to convince them to let go of anything (money/comfort/ position etc) in relation to peer performance. Entrepreneurship in its true sense then remains the rare choice of a few who defy well accepted logic of intermediate success and instant gratification. It is only when people are ready to delay gratification or are willing to wait for success to come at a later date – entrepreneurship will become a proactive choice for the youth .

In recent times deferred placements have been an innovative catalyst to encourage young minds to risk and try their start-up ideas without the fear of losing out on ‘employment’ opportunity. What we need is many more thoughts along these lines.

If you are a player in the entrepreneurship ecosystem be it as a policy maker, implementer, support institution, consumer, teacher, an incubation centre or even a person who simply wants India to develop faster, this one question is worthy to ponder on “What possible socio-economic justification can one give to the students for taking up entrepreneurship in lieu of a job offer?”

 Please do share ideas thoughts or successful cases if you have any.


2 thoughts on “Why should any student choose entrepreneurship over an enticing Job offer?

  1. Raj, I think an average person may not be able to do all sacrifices to become an entrepreneur and as you said you need to delay gratification and already an average student have waited more than 15 years for earning his own money and if you further ask him to delay gratification….the average guy is not cut to be a entrepreneur! I will tell you for who entrepreneurship is for….it is for the corporate warrior who has lost his battle or an unemployable educated adult and who cannot work for a lousy boss…one who is adamant and ready to sacrifice today for tomorrow!…and the guy who took the road less travelled!

  2. Your observation is correct but it still does not give us a magic mantra of entrepreneurship to be given to students. Normally bright students get fat pay packages in reputed firms. Even if they want to to decline these lucrative offers (very few of them do), their parents and sometimes would-be-parents-in-laws discourage them in take this risky step. We are still groping in the dark and either keep quoting the examples of other countries or use “hollow” words of creating a right kind of ecosystem or expect the Govt (or the Industry) to do something for these half-reluctant, semi-motivated and semi-confused youngsters. Well, the picture is not as gloomy as it is painted out here but the progress and awakening is very very slow.

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