Vedantic Wednesday: Who do you live for?

Who do you live for?  Is a question that keeps coming up as people search for satisfaction and happiness.

While answer ‘One lives for themselves’ seems obvious. But on a minute of thinking it extends immediately to the near and dear ones.  This then to me was not too convincing. But neither is the next obvious one ‘One live for others’ sounding all too right.

Any life on earth is a chance given to respond to situations that life deals out to you.  How you respond determines how you live.  If you sit and reflect on the entire universe and the various changes taking place, you will humbly accept that it does not matter who you live for at all. It is not a question of whether you live for yourself (selfishness) or you live for others (unselfishness), which is how worldly view attempts to bucket people.

My understanding at this stage tells me, it is more important to reflect over and over again on how we should respond to situations, without violating our dharma – rather than trying to justify the benefits or the beneficiary of our actions!


2 thoughts on “Vedantic Wednesday: Who do you live for?

  1. To win against “ahankAram”/”mamakAram”. These are sasnkrit words. Could not get best match in English. These two are the root cause of all evils/illegals done by human beings for sake of himself/herself or for their loved ones.

  2. Just to add and repeat what you have said, its how repetitive you are in your response to very many similar or near similar situation that determine whether you are self or un-self oriented. It actually does not matter how the world buckets you ( in your term) because the society(world ) is mostly trend or path driven. ( and sometimes path do take a 180 degree turn), that is how Great thinkers like Socrates though not recognized during their life time has had great respect in their “after era period”

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