The irony of accessing entrepreneurs

When you ask people where inspiration comes from, they usually point to some phenomenal doers.  There is nothing wrong about it. Infact it is people who act by giving themselves fully to the action who end up breaking down barriers. It is these people, their success, their courage, their persistence, their actions, their valour, their attributes, their choices and many more that serve as inspiration.  The beauty with each of the attributes mentioned above is that they are all relative, and so it depends a lot on the person who is viewing.

A poor man’s son can draw inspiration from a wealthy person. A weak person can draw inspiration from one who is stronger. In a similar fashion an aspiring entrepreneur can draw inspiration from an existing entrepreneur.  Among the list of successful entrepreneurs, the ones who seem to be inspiration for most people include the same small group of names who have visibly achieved great heights and have been celebrated in public.  However, because of their success and stardom, they remain difficult to access, for most aspiring entrepreneurs.

While this small group remains inaccessible, a much larger group of fairly successful entrepreneurs who have definitely gone well beyond the current state of the aspiring entrepreneur  – don’t seem to inspire as much. Infact much of the difficulties faced (if not more) by the aspiring entrepreneur would lie with these people and surprisingly these people are also much more easily accessible.

While the willingness to help may be the same across the group of phenomenal achievers and understated local successes, the time to give, share experience and advice maybe more with these lesser celebrated-moderately successful-closer to home-local entrepreneurs.

The reasons why this gold mine is untapped are a plenty,  but that it is a gold mine is irrefutable.  As in the case of any mining activity the effort to sieve through and find the metal may be tough but is always a worthwhile possibility.  I hope the smart gen-next entrepreneurs of today start accessing this vast pool of rich experienced persons and draw inspiration from them, to not only kick-start ventures but to catalyze their growth.


One thought on “The irony of accessing entrepreneurs

  1. Great point Raj. Most of the role models can be culled out from the immediate vicinity, something that we take for granted or to use a Hindi saying “Ghar ki murgi, daal baraabar” – which means that a chicken at home is equivalent to Daal!!!! Keep inspiring!

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