Vedantic Wednesday: The Search

Life on earth as a human being is one among the many opportunities for us to succeed, in the ultimate search.

When one gets lost from home in a distant land, it takes a lot of effort for him or her to trace the way back home. Farther you are away from home, the more time it takes in reaching back. Depending on the route we take the difficulty of the search also varies.  But we find that through the long durations of time and the varying degrees of difficulties that people face, their end goal drives them to move on with both persistence and tenacity.  However through this search a person has to do what is needed for his immediate survival as well as do what is needed to keep him moving forward.

This is exactly what happens to us human beings on earth. We have gotten lost from that SELF and hence the search. We are constantly searching for the SELF or Bliss.  Just like any other person trying to reach back we also should be trying to do that.  But we seem to have got caught along the way with aspects that are associated with our daily sustenance.

Assume that the person who is tracing his way back home finds an interesting palace enroute, where he is well received and fed. In the excitement and pleasure of what he is experiencing – can he forget that he is on the journey back to his home?

While few of us would answer that he ought to realise his search is to find HIS home and not settle for anything on the way, few of us may argue on why not enjoy what one gets?

If one thinks objectively we will realise the second option of settling down on the way – does not change in any way the person’s status. He is still lost even if he settles down to live in the palace! We cannot perennially live in an alien place and so we will be forced at some point in time when we are not needed by the ecosystem or when we get tired of that ecosystem. And in that forced expulsion we may once again remember about home and attempt again to get back on our journey.

The only way to avoid getting distracted in this search is by constantly reflecting with great objectivity on the journey and our goal. This will constantly spur us to move through any phase in the journey- knowing that it is temporal; it is just a milestone and NOT our goal. When we do this we will fortify our search in the right direction and can hope to reach our destination that is realization of the SELF at the earliest.


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