Books and Me: E is for Exceptional

Book Title :  E is for Exceptional

Author:  Rob Yeung

Who doesn’t want to be exceptional? Who doesn’t want to be successful? These are some of the reasons why books under the category ‘Success’, ’Self help’ and ‘Personal Improvement’ sell. Infact, picking a book in this category would actually be difficult if you walk into the book store. This is because this genre is probably has the maximum number of titles published, has maximum number of books sold and has a wide range of authors with multiple titles.

I picked this book up, just to read one in this genre for a change.  As a serious student of Vedanta I am beginning to stop trying to become anything. It may sound a bit absurd, the subject of Vedanta is built on different assumptions; and much deeper truths. If you are interested in knowing more I will invite you to read my weekly posts under the category ‘Vedanta and Me’

Coming back to the book, the author Rob Yeung states that there are eight capabilities that distinguish exceptional people from the rest. They include Awe, Cherishing, Authenticity, Centredness, Connecting, Daring, Citizenship and Visioning.

Except for a few words – most the remaining are fairly banal across literature in this genre.  The author also acknowledges that many of these practices or the terms used may not be very new or different; but he makes an earnest request to attempt turning some of these capabilities into actions and persisting till success is achieved.

Some of the interesting things I found in this book include:

  1. Using a wide range of examples from various paths of life
  2. Make number of references to scientific studies to arrive at conclusions
  3. Taking each of these capabilities deeper and breaking them down so as to make them actionable
  4. Providing number of opportunities, to test these capabilities via exercises
  5. A few instances where widely accepted practices have been proven factually wrong through scientific study

Personally I liked the notes section at the end of the book that provided a number of references for serious further reading.

If you are looking at wanting to prune your actions and/or behaviours on the professional plane, this would be a worthwhile book to kick start your journey.


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