Vedantic Wednesday: The building blocks of Sanatana Dharma

Every philosophy anchors itself on some fundamental faith or accepted truths. In the case of Sanatana Dharma also there are some fundamental accepted truths that have withstood test and tribulation of times. Below are few of these for our reference:

  • There is  a supreme reality(Purusha), a unity behind diversity, and a changeless truth behind the ever changing world
  • This supreme reality manifests and unmanifests from and unto himself (Purusha)
  • Purusha repeatedly assumes forms to correct the erring humanity
  • Man is something greater than the gross body mind or intellect
  • Soul is essentially divine pure and immortal
  • Law of Karma with work with precision in the changing world
  • Shrutis and the smirtis contain the eternal truths

Each of these statements or beliefs over which Sanatana Dharma – the way of life is defined, is worthy of individual contemplation. Each of these when thought through from the perspective of running our daily lives by themselves would yield higher quality action and individual value system. Together they present thus a formidable base for the way of life that is designed to lead man to realise his inner potential which in fact is far greater than what is visible and available externally!


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