Books and Me: India’s Heritage Vedas To Sri Ramakrishna

Book Title: India’s Heritage Vedas To Sri Ramakrishna

Author: G. Venkataramana Reddy

As I was shelf shopping (window shopping?)  I observed something quite interesting. I saw a book that seemed like a picture book for children which was making itself into the hands of adults – who spent time browsing it and then making the purchase. Intrigued both by the cover and title – I laid my hands on it to grab a quick look.

It was in a typical preliminary book layout; having pictures on the left and text on the right side. The format was definitely that of providing an introduction to the subject covered. In this case the subject was a high level spiritual history of India.

The book covers many millenniums of history in about less than 100 pages.  For most of us who have very little idea about the detailed development of India’s religious and cultural journey the book provides for a very interesting read.

Apart from introducing us to names of number of texts, it also introduces us to numerous religious and spiritually awakened souls that have lived in this country.  While providing interesting information for intellectual consumption, it also gives a sense of pride about the richness of India’s spiritual heritage.  Slowly it seems to create a sense of responsibility to sustain and carry forward this knowledge of inner development ahead.

It definitely has also created an interest to know more about the socio-cultural and spiritual history of this land. I would recommend this highly as an introduction not only at adolescent level but also for those of us adults who are taking our first steps towards dipping the feet in the ocean of India’s spiritual heritage and history.


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