Books and Me: Karma And Reincarnation

Book Title: Karma and Reincarnation

Author: Paramhansa Yogananda

The topics of Karma and reincarnation each by themselves,  are intriguing topics.  These topics are of interest not just to theperson on the path of spiritual evolution or self realization but they seem to be equally interesting to the people who are fairly well absorbed in worldly pursuits.  While the spiritually inclined, want to look at the topics from catalyzing their progress, in the path of attaining moksha, even the most desire ridden, attached, world loving human being wants to know what will happen to them after their death.  This is a subject that has been very thoroughly studied, analysed and espoused on by the vedic masters.  This book tries in its own way to throw some light on the topic

This short book contains few essays put together by the disciple of the author based on the author’s earlier works.  Though a short book, of only five essays, it provides enough wisdom for further study and contemplation.  The first three essays speak on Karma, its nature, how we can deal with it and also how we can possibly free ourselves from it. The fourth essay is on death and resurrection, while the fifth topic covers reincarnation.  While the concepts are Karma easier to comprehend, the concepts of death is slightly difficult to understand and accept.

Some of the terms and terminology used in the last two chapters, may be difficult to comprehend making the reading and understanding slightly complex. For somebody who has read the autobiography of a Yogi by the same author, it will be slightly easier. For a more detailed and technical insight into the author’s interpretation of these concepts the autobiography of a yogi is a required read.

The book can be thought of as an introduction to the subject. The essays definitely whet the appetite and create the hunger for more information on the subject.  The Author’s thoughts are definitely presented as a equal mix of both eastern and western thinking.  Since these write-ups have been put together from varied sources of the author’s works, a serious student interested in these subjects should start looking to more comprehensive works by the same author as well as others so as to develop a keener insight and understanding.


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