Vedantic Wednesday: What we do with this Blessing matters!

If you had read the last Wednesday’s post (Blessings of human birth) and taken time to contemplate on its intent, you may have realized how lucky we are to have reached this stage in the evolution process. Based on Vedic wisdom, the ancient masters have declared that the ultimate stage in this evolutionary process is ‘liberation’ or ‘moksha’. An even more important declaration made by the God-realized sages is that – this ‘moksha’ can be attained only by a human being. That makes the case for thinking further on how we make use of this blessing (of a human life) bestowed on us.

Many of us would have come across the law of karma and to a large extent most of us believe in it – only degree of belief varies! If this is true, we may also give ourselves a pat for having involved in some spiritual activities in the past that have allowed us to come this far. While the patting is a good motivator, we must not rest on our laurels, as ‘moksha’ is still away. Should we not thank the almighty for his/her benevolence in helping us this far? Do you? Think!

Just take a moment and think back about how you are living your life presently! How does it look? How many of us actually want God-realization? Does the thought of seeking the Lord arise – if so when? Does spiritual fervor arise only when we are faced with something we can’t handle or adversity? When things are all fine and happy – do we still seek the Lord and express our gratitude?

Before looking at what are the key things we must consider to make spiritual progress and what that path will look like – it is important to take stock of where we are today? Do we understand the futility of a worldly life? Just being born as a human being (even if it is in a highly religious environment) does not confer the desire for God-realization. Hence one of the first things to do is to analyze the quality of our life and see if we are truly using a prized gift appropriately? Once we feel that we must use it to live a meaningful life so as to attain God-realization, then there are typical steps / routes that are suggested to progress there.

This week i would invite you to ponder on this question – if given a choice, what would be the desire you want fulfilled in this lifetime?

Happy week of introspection!


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