Books and Me: 24 Carat Bold

Book Title: 24 Carat Bold

Author     : Mindy Gibbins-Klein                       Buy 24 Carat BOLD

Even though we are in the world that is tending towards more and more information and knowledge – the serious interest in thought leadership seems limited.  It is therefore not surprising that many people walking into the bookstore could likely walk right across this title– without picking it up.  My tryst with this book says – they missed a good, interesting and useful read.

Through this book the author attempts to put in front of her readers – what goes into making a thought leader. And one of the key attributes she has decided to devote to the title – BOLD!  Though there is a lot of aggression in people – boldness seems lacking; in thinking differently, in expressing the thought and in the tenacity to pursue the thought to fruition. For those who consider themselves a thought leader (by whatever definition) this book is then a definite value add, as it hovers around developing this and many other vital attributes.

At first look the book appears small and an easy read, but as one delves into the chapters, the speed is bound to reduce and thoughts likely to sprout. The book is written boldly, raising appropriate questions and bringing us face to face with our own truths. No wonder the term BOLD appears so many times in the book, without this it would be difficult for anyone in the vocation of thinking     to use those questions for understanding our current state, assess where we stand, how we can improve and most importantly how we can contribute. The philosophic portions of the book, gives us enough material for deeper contemplation.

The book has a fair mix of suggestive and prescriptive solutions. The acronym  ‘REAL’  (Reach Engagement Authority Longevity) – visualised as four legs of a chair, provides a simple guiding framework which is fairly comprehensive to plan and act in our journey of becoming a thought leader.

While I do not want to spoil the fun of reading the book for details by attempting to summarise it here – I have to admit that the introductory chapters leading to a case for differentiating REAL thought leaders from the others, was what impressed me the most.

The author’s strong  opinion on what thought leadership is, who makes a good thought leader and especially the aspect that thought leadership is a conscious choice which carries with it some responsibilities,  is worthy of further contemplation and thinking.

I am also not very surprised that Seth Godin and Dan Poynter both thought leaders in their own areas strongly recommend the book. While, the book can be gone through quickly – if you are serious about creating a plan to establish your influence – you will keep going back to the book multiple times.

I definitely share the same sentiments of the author with respect to the fact that the world requires genuine, authentic and BOLD thought leaders. And fortunately there is space for many!


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