Just Simple Maths Silly!

Many of us in the category of product designer, fashion gurus and halo’ed’ advisors are value focused. We understand and firmly believe that packing maximum value in our solutions is a sure shot way of having the customer come back to us. At times this drive to deliver the picture perfect solution fails to deliver the desired “WOW” impact.

Many of us in the profession as solution providers (be it service or solutions), empathize with our clients in earnest. After the meeting we do tell ourselves we have to give him THE SOLUTION. We will leave no stone unturned at our end to design a comprehensive silver bullet that will wipe away all his woes. And why not? It is this customer focus that has made all the difference to both the firm and its customers. But very often there is a flip side that many forget in this game. The flipside of 80-100 as Orit Gadiesh, chairman of Bain and company calls it.

When a solution provider runs behind a perfect solution – what results most often is close to the ideal solution. But this solution’s completeness itself makes it difficult for implementation. Calling for extensive resource investment and intra department cohesion, the solution often stalls in middle of the implementation. As the adage go the method to divide and conquer is not only to be applied to understanding the problem but also in designing of the solution.

When we design the service or a product – let us keep in mind a 80% complete in feature product /solution with 1% chance of implementation success is still better than a 100% complete product/solution with 0% chance of implementation success. Not rocket science – but plain elementary school maths..one another thing that we have forgotten as we grew into adults and entrepreneurs!


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