Books and Me: Read and Get Rich

Book Title:  Read and Get Rich

Author      :  Burke Hedges

Often I find myself, not able to pick a book from the easily accessible sections of the book store.    So what then happens is something close to a treasure hunt. I start looking more closely and scanning book by book across the genres of my interest to see if I can pick atleast one book, that I could have possibly missed in my earlier visits. Either sheer perseverance or the fear that I may not find a book, I often land upon a good read.  I landed on the current title on one such exploration.

A book about books, writing and/or reading is usually a definite pick for me. In this title the author describes how reading of a book changed his life.  He also uses the stories of many eminent  personalities from across time and vocation to highlight the importance of reading in a person’s life. The book with about just 130 pages speaks about the importance of reading, the power of books to transform and also the philosophic aspect of ‘You are what you read’. As a bibliophile myself and a lover of books I did not need any convincing on either the importance of books or reading.  However I found myself enjoying the extensive interspersing of quotes on books and reading throughout the text

An interesting chapter titled how to read a book – has quite a few take aways to improve one’s reading effectiveness.  And no, it is not about speed reading .

Just like Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ – this book subtly hints at how reading will have an enormous impact but in a subtle manner on our overall outlook and living.

While some of the titles mentioned in the book seem to have changed the lives of those who read them, the one aspect that comes out very strongly is that books and reading remain a personal affair. One will never know which book when read at what time, will trigger that great shift in thinking and catapult us to higher levels of existence, living and performance.  Till you find your trigger, you have no choice but to keep reading – and when it has worked once – you would never stop give it a day’s rest..


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