Books and Me: Raving Fans

Book Title : Raving Fans

Author       : Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles  

The book raving fans deserves to be picked simply for the title itself. Before going into the subject matter being expounded on, one of the very interesting aspects of Ken Blanchard’s books are such catchy titles. Another noteworthy aspect about all Ken Blanchard’s books is their signature style of presentation. Though the topics chosen by him and his co-authors ( in this case Sheldon Bowles ), address commonly faced management challenges, the solutions are NOT presented as in a typical general business books. All his books have the message embedded in a carefully crafted story. Most readers should be easily able to associate with the protagonist of the story.

Raving fans along similar lines, deals with the aspect of customer service. Which artist, brand, product or company does not want fans? Even individuals fancy the chance to have a fan base.  The book delivers the fundamental reasons why customer service deserves attention and how any organizational person should look at this important function. The book does not provide any tools, frameworks or checklist of the traditional kind. Instead, it presents the fundamental steps to be taken by anyone who wants to create fans for their business.

The book differentiates between having satisfied customers and raving fans. Examples are provided through the parable which hints at how these principles of customer service and ensuing steps can be put to practice. While in the first reading the message regarding customer service might look philosophical, careful rereading will provide enough triggers for translating the intention into action.

Even if you don’t have an urgent problem with customer service and not in any urgency to create raving fans – you may still want to go through the book to get your thinking hats working. The cover of the book with its bright and contrasting colours cannot be missed on a book shelve.

Another aspect of Ken Blanchard’s series of books is that they are created in handy formats and are more short than long, making it convenient to read during travel. While the area of customer relationship management is fast changing and is a constant challenge for most individuals and organization to handle, there are numerous titles that address this pain point by making suggestions as remedies. This book deals with the philosophy and the fundamental questions which makes it different.  One is bound at the end of the read to find more questions than answers from their reading.

If you are one who loves such titles, this should not to be missed!


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