Books and Me: The Equation

Books and Me:  The Equation          

Author: Omar Tyree

Most  business books are written by researching academics or practitioners. I picked this book specifically because it was written by an artist (author) turned businessman.  Artists and equations infact anything mathematical is generally not a top of the mind, correlation. The Equation in the book is reflective of an artistic mind.

Right from choosing the colours for the variable in the equation to what they mean, everything is explained. I particularly enjoyed reading the reason for choosing certain colours reflective of the variable they were being attached to. Bringing aspects such as love and art into mainstream business brings to the mind only exceptions such as Steve Jobs. Omar Tyree justifies that these have to be fundamentally defined before embarking on any business.

Though aspects such as passion, purpose, attraction loyalty etc are commonly spoken about in business literature, the author’s perspective of using love art and support to building a successful business is unique.  While providing his personal experiences behind using the equation for achieving business success, he also uses numerous popular and not so popular cases in elucidating the usage of the variables and their sub components.  For those who want to work the details there are also checklists and worksheets provided in the appendix.

While there is an element of subjectivity when one works on the equation it definitely does provide a certain level of objective relook at the business.  Building a business in today’s turbulent environment has become even more challenging than the past. Business self help book that provide thoughts, ideas, suggestions, tools and frameworks should be constantly read by entrepreneurs and business owners. The purpose is not to find the off the shelf solutions from one book, but to take inputs so that it provides fresh perspectives and widens solution thinking.  As an author I particularly picked the book to see how an artist looks at business success. Even if you are not an artist by the traditional definition of the term, you will find interesting take-aways from the book.


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