Books and Me: Managing By Values

Book Title: Managing By Values

Author:  Ken Blanchard and Michael O’Connor

From the author of the popular book “The one minute manager” comes yet another interesting title. Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson created ‘The one minute manager’ which has been selling over two decades. The style of writing which started with this book has been used by Ken Blanchard along with his co-authors to come up with series of titles on various soft issues face by organization. Each of the books take one challenge and uses the signature style of a story where the protagonist facing the challenge is helped by a mentor/advisor. The advisor takes the protagonist through a series of steps to look at fresh perspectives on the challenge ahead.

In this book the subject dealt with is values. Values are almost always equated to ethics and morality. This common misconception keeps a lot of people away from discussing this important aspect of managing organizations.

In this book Ken Blanchard and his co author Micheal O’Connor discuss how managing by values can solve numerous interpersonal conflicts, bring about clarity in thinking, help senior manager take consistent decisions and help executives prioritise the personal and professional lives.

Another important aspect brought to the forefront by the authors  is how values can create oneness of purpose alignment at the organizational level reduce conflicts and create a healthy working atmosphere not just within the organization but also with other stakeholders such as customers and suppliers.

This book also has a huge potential of creating fans in and around the organization/person. Although this subject has been handled separately and in depth in another book of the author  ‘Raving fans’ ( )it is also an indirect outcome of managing professional and personal life through values

The book is a very easy read and can be completed in couple of hours. However the book provides useful inputs for many hours of serious contemplation and more importantly acting upon them.


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