Is growth to be questioned?

Very often when things are moving smoothly, especially on an upward trend, nobody questions the “Why” behind the growth.  It does on the first glance seem a very silly question, but deeper thinking on this can lead organizations to spot early indicators of both impending disasters (warnings) and huge upside potential (opportunities).

Very often growth of a company is not planned at all. It is serendipitous. The management team being happy in the situation, chooses to remain oblivious to the underlying working. They also do not want to risk hearing tough answers that could come with questioning the veracity and sustenance of the upward move. Infact in all likeliness the growth happens without too much of their interference or planning. This is something that they do not want to hear or acknowledge. This goes against their belief of being in control as designers of growth. So why question when going is good is the predominant attitude. And just as they grew without their knowledge, they also find the carpet yanked from under their feet. And the fall then is very painful

Asking this question is useful because it helps organizations wake up to one of the above possibilities – opportunities or warnings. Identifying both early is useful. Accepting the reality early is a benefit because when tough times descend, company is already prepared to handle the burst of the bubble.

Bursting of Bubble could mean two things – it could mean loss of opportunity to competition or new players; it could also mean ignoring the warning of a disruptive change or disaster. Either ways, it hurts. It does make a lot more sense to seek the source/reasons for this growth and understand it fully.

So the next time, you see a spurt in growth, it may help to stop and ask “Why?”


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