Books and Me: Two Great Worshippers of Sri Ramakrishna

Book Title: Two Great Worshippers of Sri Ramakrishna

Author: Swami Budhananda

This little booklet by Swami Budhananda is a bird’s eye-view of two towering personalities namely Swami Vivekananda and Swami Ramakrishnananda. Both of them are illustrious direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. Though trained and groomed by the same master, each of them chose different routes of worshiping the master, taking his message to the world and living its essence.

The book beautifully introduces the reader to how two disciples with very different approach to worship and living work together for the greater purpose of spreading the message of their god incarnate master. While one was seen as the more orthodox, conservative, meditative and ritualistic practitioner, the other was a revolutionary, outspoken, action oriented, dynamic yogi. While each of them believed fully in their way of practice and had their own apprehension about the other, they never allowed it to come in the way of adapting to each other’s requirements for creating the big picture of Sri Ramakrishnan Movement. In hindsight, we can probably see how important these two seemingly opposite approaches are actually intertwined to give the inherent strength to the mission and the movement.

There are so many subtle take away from this little book on how two brother disciples never let their individual ideologies or beliefs interfere with the overall need of the institution and its purpose. The book is also one more inspiring introduction that should lead readers to the vast literature that each of these stalwarts have left behind for us to read, internalise and ponder upon.


One thought on “Books and Me: Two Great Worshippers of Sri Ramakrishna

  1. thank you raj for the information i shall definitely read this book. I read the book MARONER PARA by Swami Avadananda do you have any books like this.

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