One Sure Way to Succeed!

Very often when we are advised to conduct self analysis we are told to inventory our strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths which include our innate talents as well as skills we have picked up by the virtue of our earlier choices. All this attempt is to decipher what we are good at. The approach to the above exercise has been evolving over years and there are numerous methodologies to understand and arrive at the almost exact set. All career advises, guidance and decisions are then arrived based on the above identified strengths.

While I do not wish to find fault with the methods, or the individual tools, I am beginning to see, that the reason why many times such scientifically worked out options don’t result in happy careers is because of an assumption that is inherently present. The assumption is that your identified strengths is what you love doing. Just like all other assumptions it has the possibility of materializing as a risk. This could probably be the underlying reason why even after a thorough analysis and career planning, happy careers are a rarity.

Isn’t there a fundamental difference between what you love to do and what you are good at doing? What is important is to first understand and acknowledge the difference between the two.

For if you continue to do what you are only good at – in all probability you will be successful but seldom satisfied.  And if you persevere to do what you love doing – you will definitely be satisfied – and then being successful or not; would not matter!


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