Books and Me: Lucky or Smart?

Book Title : Luck or Smart?

Author: Bo Peabody

I have probably spoken about this book more than any other in the category of Entrepreneurship across my classes, management development programs, CxO workshops and every other possible opportunity. In a lot of ways it is more of a booklet than a book. It’s succinct and absolutely to the point. It’s filled with contrarian thoughts, which will eventually become non-contrarian when you start living an entrepreneurial life.

Though some of the thoughts presented in the book might seem tough to digest, especially if you are educated through a Business School, a little into entrepreneurial life will make you go back to the book, over and over again. You will refer back to the book more, when you are by yourself.

I do not wish to attempt writing what I took away from the book – as I am still reading and re-reading this book every now and then since the time I bought it in 2009. All this and more for a book that is all but sixty pages, half-A4 size; no bigger than a note-pad!


2 thoughts on “Books and Me: Lucky or Smart?

  1. Hi ! I have been following for some time and your choice of books and the comments have certainly been helpful to me. Keep it up ! Also i would like you to read “Emotional Freedom Techniques” by Sangeeta Bhagwat” available at Crossword. It teaches you a simple but effective method to remove the emotional baggage off and install the postive energies in each of us !!



    1. Thanks Neela for your kind words. Happy to hear that you are liking the blog posts, especially the one on books. I shall definitely try and get my hands on the suggested reading!

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