The Fleeting Nature of Ideas

That ideas are transient in nature is a well known fact.  Numerous successful artistes and productivity experts have suggested solutions so as to capture these ideas for future use. There are even applications on the smart phone that are designed to capture ideas in whatever form they meet us.

But then somehow despite all these utilities, many of us are yet to master the art of trapping and storing our ideas. For few of us ideation takes away much of our energy and in the joy of ideating we lose out on other steps that have to follow.

I write this blog to only reiterate two important and fundamental points:

  1. Ideas are fleeting
  2. They need to be captured as they appear

And remebering the second is more important than the first, so as to ensure the ideas remain available to us in the future!  As over-reliance on our memory will always, prove the first point.


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