Newspaper to an Entrepreneur’s Rescue

Entrepreneurs are known for their innovative outlook and different perspective to life. This got reiterated once again this week through a chance meeting with an entrepreneur.  As the norm of the day, the conversation took the turn to discuss the current market happenings and also the challenges that an entrepreneur encounters every day. We then moved onto entrepreneurial motivation and what is our personal source of energy. While I shared my best companion in great and worst times are my books; he immediately answered it with his choice – Newspaper.

He said every time in the last two decades whenever he had felt the urge to drop everything and go back to conventional job, he would always open the opportunity column in the newspaper. He would see many of the advertisement with designations lower than his current one of CEO. He would read the job descriptions that may sound challenging but offer very little variety in breadth. He would see salaries that are higher than what he is making currently but way lower than his overall business potential. He said everytime when he realizes these aspects – his mind clears up immediately and he is able to get back to what he loves the most – being an Entrepreneur!


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