100% of the time is easier than 98% of the time

On a recent weekend I happened to spend some time watching an oratorical reality program on television. As a person who is not too inclined to watch these often, I got attracted in this occasion by the powerful and captivating talk delivered in regional language by a young boy (almost a child) of about 10 years .The boy was presenting a strong case on climate change and the urgent need for environmentally sustainable practices. Of the many points that was shared I found a particular one to be of great value.

As it was a weekend and I was inside my home, I did not have with me at that time my idea-capturing notepad. This is a small note book that travels with me through the day, into which I write any thoughts, ideas or impression that I may encounter at any point in time.  WIthout the notepad and swept by the weekend mood, I told myself as soon as I get to my notepad I shall write this idea down. And then I continued to watch the program. However through the day I missed making a note of the idea, as I got caught with the weekend schedule of activities. And for the whole of last week every attempt by me to retrieve the thought from the labyrinth of my memory is proving to be frustratingly futile.  What is hurting me more than losing the thought is the fact that it happened because of me not following a simple self-made rule to carry the notepad everywhere every time.

This infact brought about another thought rather a valuable lesson. Effectiveness of any discipline resides only in its sustained practice.  A learning that is best captured by Christensen in his latest book ‘How do you measure your life’  as ‘ It is easier to be 100% than 98%’. The minute you start making exceptions to your rule, you dilute its intended purpose and thereby its effectiveness!


One thought on “100% of the time is easier than 98% of the time

  1. I realized that too lately…. I hate breaking routines, but on every holiday I somehow get lazy on following it……. the result of which is going to square one and starting it all over again…… that 2% of gap is really painful and irritating……….. I am gonna work on it now on……..

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