Books and Me: The story behind the story

Book Title : The story behind the story

Author: Swami Kriyananda

This was my first visit to this newly opened book store in my area. Being the first visit, I felt obliged to pick up something from there. As I was browsing through the books, I realised that I wasn’t really finding anything that caught my attention. But I also did not want to leave without a book. Call it the excuse of a bibliophile or a sentiment towards anything entrepreneurial, there I was persisting in my efforts to pick a book.

Another walk down the aisle, I finally hit upon this unobtrusive book. I had missed it on the earlier rounds because of its size. Once spotted, the title grabbed my attention and the blurb at the back cover made the decision to purchase easy. Being a writer and a teacher myself, I was inspired to know that this author of over 80 books was initiated into the path of writing by his guru who told him that his work in life was to write, edit and teach!

In a way this is a unique book, first of its kind that I am coming across, the book where the author takes the reader through his writing endeavour book by book. The author provides a short description on the essence of every book written by him and a bit about the inspiration to write it. He intersperses his stories behind every book with short reflections on major experiences that he underwent in chronological order. While it serves as an introductory book to all his works – it also seemed like a frank story telling by an author as he went through the journey of producing over 80 titles.

In line with the expectations of one holding the title of Swami – there are a lot of subtle hints and reminders for search of happiness within and keep our spiritual journey alive.


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