Vedantic Wednesday: Lessons from Rajini!

Today is Super Star Rajinikanth’s birthday. Too many programs with channels interviewing people on what of the super star they like or admire the most. Almost unanimously the answer is – his humility and good nature. Why is it that apart from the many other things that make him what he is, people remember his humaneness? You guessed it – its rare! As one of the interviewees shared, you don’t find it common in people and more importantly, one doesn’t find it amongst even remotely successful people.

How is Rajinikanth able to maintain his humility when so many external indicators are against this trait? How is it that amongst the chaos he exudes a rare calmness, control and care? It occurred to me as I was watching the interviews that here is a man; who has got his machine up in the true sense. (refer last week’s blog:  )

He has very openly acknowledged his interest in spirituality and God. He attributes all of his success to that greater divinity. We hear that he involves himself in prayers and company of holy places and people. By doing all of this he stands as a leading example of what is widely believed as the first step towards self-realization – namely ‘keeping the company of the good’. By keeping the company of the good one is reassured of the holiness within while getting exposed to the fragility of the world outside. This automatically makes one both grateful and humble, allowing the divine then to shape them from inside.

It does not allow us to get carried away by the successes or be drowned by our failures. This moderation in how we handle situations that we pass through is reinforced by spiritual thoughts and practices. And all this begins by keeping the company of the good.

Every time I come across anything about Rajinikanth, I listen intently because he is such an inspiration. And on this wonderful day 12-12-12, I wish him a great birthday and pray for his health and happiness. As I continue to draw inspiration from his personality, I am amazed at what one can learn from simply observing his professional and personal journey.  Both of these anchored strongly by the trait of humility.  And it all starts when one awakens to the greater power within!


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