Books and Me: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Book Title: The New Rules of Marketing & PRThe New Rules of Marketing and PR

Author: David Meerman Scott

If you are anyone with a career of even a few years left, you can’t not understand how the online world works. For all others – its mandatory. Its almost as if there is another world running in parallel. Just as we cannot survive if we don’t understand the changes in the real world – we will not be able to thrive in either worlds if we don’t understand the virtual world.

David Meerman Scott ( is not giving you tips and tricks which are tactical. His book primarily focusses on making us understand how the world of marketing is undergoing tremendous fundamental changes because of this new medium – web.

His detailed elucidation on numerous tools available for entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers in larger firms is interesting and informative. Through numerous examples and cases, he takes us on a journey of how anyone (Davids & the Goliaths as well) can make use of this fast changing and disruption-prone medium to identify, connect, reach and retain customers. The most enticing part for most entrepreneurs is that, all this can be done almost in a shoestring budget.

The book reinforces that we cannot ignore this medium as the impact is high. The tools such as blogs, podcasts, news releases, wikis, videos, squidoo, social networking mediums such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, amongst others make it possible for every individual firm (however small) to make its presence felt. He also provides enough emphasis on the importance of content and how it should be tailored to result in action, so as to make monetization profitable. Many of the examples used to explain have online references in the footnotes which make it interesting to see it in real. This provides us enough confidence to create a plan, get online and make an impact.

Overall an interesting and informative read. It provides a fair mix of concepts as well as tactical advice. If you are planning an entry into the online world or interested in making your virtual presence more effective – this is a book you may not want to miss reading. Don’t expect any magic bullets though! I loved the book because it offers lasting solutions and a lot of home work. This allows me to improvise on the ideas as well. Hope to make my presence on the web and my firm’s online foray a success! Look forward to read more in this genre. Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Books and Me: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

  1. Thanks for your review of my book Raj. I especially like the part where you say the content is applicable to “Davids & the Goliaths”

    By the way, the cover you chose for the post is of the first edition. THe current edition is the 3rd.


    1. I am so glad you liked the review. I picked the cover that was closest to the one i read here in India. Will try and pick the latest edition too… Hope i am able to apply many of the lessons learnt in my forays in the virtual world.

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