Vedantic Wednesday: Healing Body and Hurting Mind

Last week my colleague at office; had a rather freak accident involving her canine that left a deep gash on her palm. The cut looked as if it was a new line on the palm – with some divine prediction. As it would be in all small groups, in our office this was much talked about. She was almost wearing it on her lapel like a proud pin. As it had all our attention, we noticed in just about a day or two, the gash had begun closing by itself.  It was amazing to notice the healing progressing through a working day. It was like the body working some magic on the scar. This is not something new. Neither is it a miracle. It happens to all of us all the time. We hurt ourselves and overtime with or without medication the physical hurt gets auto-corrected by our body. The body doesn’t stop to grieve. It accepts the hurt and moves onto healing it.

However the case with the mind is very different. It neither heals by itself; nor does it allow anything else to heal it. Only when it decides it fades away. And when one thought fades, the mind quickly latches onto another. This is true with any kind of thought. Be it something that betrayed you. Be it something that excited you. Be it something that hurt you. Be it something that soothes you. The mind does not allow the thought to flow through. It hangs on. Every thought that you hang onto leaves a scar.  A bias. Worse are those scars that make you feel victimised and cheated.

Your body does not wait for your mind to give the orders to heal. If it does, it will never heal the scars. And your ego allows no one to heal your mind.

Which is why more than the damage caused to us by physical hurt, the scars of the mind are more dangerous!


5 thoughts on “Vedantic Wednesday: Healing Body and Hurting Mind

  1. This is so true to oneself’s mind. And rightly said, only the mind decides whether the thought stays or not and the scars of mind wont go away unless you consciously decide to do so.

  2. Thanks for your comment on the post. Just to extend this thought, the problem of the mind is its vacillation. To make the mind decide and consciously let go of its tendency to latch on; requires controlling it through a well developed intellect. However this is easier said than done!

  3. Good observation sir. But is it not the same mind which prompts us to look at it in a certain way. To elaborate, there is the good ego and the bad ego. Good ego feeds itself by “observing” the bad ego. While the bad ego, is errr bad, good ego is also not good.

    As to the comment on “consciously” decide. Who is deciding about what? In other words, the mind decides to heal its scar someday?

    1. Hi Anish.. great to hear from you! Interesting one on the factors that prompts the mind. Especially poignant is the fact that irrespective of good ego or bad ego – ego is bad!

      Interesting question on how does mind decide consciously. These are some of my thoughts. The mind inherently cannot stay at a place. It is the intellect that controls our mind through its discerning capabilities that can control it. However most of the time our intellect is fast asleep. The mind hence runs wild and free. When intellect keeps a silent watch over the mind, it is like a child under the attention of a teacher. The mind quietens down and conscious calls are taken. As I write this, I can see these thoughts organizing itself into something deeper – maybe I shall share them at a later time once they get more refined.

      All the best!

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