Will The World End Today?

Today is 21st December 2012. The day on which Mayan Calendar and many other people have predicted apocalypse; the end of the world!

Doomsday predictions are at the most – news worthy! As a society we always seek negative news and love searching about it. The positive wrapper for this love of the negative, especially death / doom is being practical / realistic. Observing people today, brings out our ambivalent nature. We do things with utmost earnestness but with total lack of belief.

Today our servant maid came in for work and was going on and on to my mother about how she has come after visiting temples as today the world could end. I was taken aback at all the reference she was pulling out to make my mother get atleast slightly curious. I am very surprised that if she really believed that it is true – why would she come to work? Why would she want to make money even on the last day? Would she not want to be with her family? As behavioural economics researcher and professor Dan Ariely wrote in his bestseller “Predictably Irrational”, we are not what we do!

Only thing that I am sure about tomorrow is someone is going to declare the next date for apocalypse. This will become the next sensational news. There would be debate and discussions. Why would one keep re-setting the date for the end of the world? Funny! But we are funny! Human beings create and destroy out of nothing. It is sad that we recognize power in destruction not in construction; in war not in peace; in taking not giving; in supervision than serving.

The world is not going to end. As our puranas keep reiterating, there are many thousands of years left before which, there needs to be an overall cleansing. So instead of spending time wondering what will happen if the world would end, it would make sense to think how not to kill the earth faster! The speed and cost at which we are seeking personal fulfilment, we don’t need doomsday predictions, we will create it.  I wish to use this mythical prediction to remind myself and others who are reading this, to make an effort to live a conscious life. No – I am not talking about conscience.

If you are hoping that you can escape the challenges of life (atleast for today) by using the Mayan prediction as an excuse – forget the hope and get started. Else you could have your customer / manager / wife / father / mother / teacher / others waiting for your attention and your competitor / opportunity just race past you.

I found a rather interesting message this morning from Sadhguru on the same news. Here it is for the welfare of all: http://www.speakingtree.in/spiritual-articles/lifestyle/its-the-end-of-the-world?track=1&uid=66214&date=20121221


6 thoughts on “Will The World End Today?

  1. Thanks for a thoughtful post. Yes, the Mayan calendar, the Bible, and all the sacred scriptures of the world are talking about the end of an age, or era, not the end of the world. When one spiritual era ends, the next one begins. I do hope this new spiritual era will involve much purification from the errors of the previous era.

    1. Thanks for the thought share! I join you in hoping that tomorrow will bring in a new day where things will move towards a more harmonized existence!

    1. Thanks! Glad you noticed it and appreciate it. Though it may not make for a sweeping generalization with respect to all human beings, many of us do fall prey to this kind of negative power connotations.

  2. We survived. (Now lets destroy our Mother Earth faster.) No one is going to do a bit to contribute towards a better world. No one gave a second thought on what if its for real ( date could be of some other day) and how we human race can delay it. It was time to come to stand still, thing and act to save this Earth. We are afraid of destruction news because we know we are the culprit.

    1. Thanks Naveen for sharing your views. Its important that everyone on the Earth understands and acts on your point.

      Its time we get our acts together to start respecting Mother Earth for all that she gives us. It becomes our responsibility to provide her the support to continue and help us continue as well – in a sustainable manner!

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