Entrepreneurs are not cow-boys!

“Entrepreneurs” – please acknowledge that you are not in the game to show your macho-ness! The journey of an entrepreneur is one of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm, but not plain heroism! Why do I think so? Because we don’t want to lose our most talented people; to unwarranted risky ideas and flights of fantasiesws_Cowboy_with_lasso_1600x1200

In management there is a lot of discussion on what happens when a manager starts imagining themselves as a super-hero. While it will be easy to extend that to entrepreneurs, it does not make direct sense. What works for one does not work for the other.  Simply because, the nature of the two roles have a huge variation in the level of certainty in their projects.

Entrepreneurs need to understand and spend time on the external forces that are outside their realm of influence. Many times young and aggressive entrepreneurial minds fail to recognize them early – and hence fall prey. The loss is not just to the tangible resources of the Startup, but also to the intangible entrepreneurial spirit.  Sometimes the hit at the intangible steals us of the entrepreneur himself. They give up and return to routine.

Majority of the literature and speakers sideline this under the guise that failure is a stepping stone to success.  They profess failing provides immense learning. Yes it is right, but more applicable within the arena of experimentation.  When extended to enterprise creation; wild experiments leave a bad taste for all involved, including the customers (markets). It also spoils the environment making it difficult for the next generation of people to take the idea / opportunity ahead.

I am not telling entrepreneurs should shy from failing. I am not suggesting if one fails in their entrepreneurial venture; all is lost or they are not capable of enterprise building. I am advocating here an approach that we need to take towards enterprise building.

Entrepreneurs are not cow-boys / cow-girls, but they are intelligent risk-takers, balanced decision makers and resource optimizers at large. They lead us to the next stage of evolution through their experiments and courage. We need more of them for the sake of the whole of mankind. Since such resources are rare, we don’t want to lose them to something as silly as machoness…

We need entrepreneurs who are everyday heroes rather than a super-natural one!


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