Why does Christmas come before New Year Every Year?

Every time we approach New Year, we celebrate Christmas before starting another new calendar. Christmas means many things to many people. For those who follow the faith, it means prayers, for some its celebration, for others it is a holiday, christmas tree, plum cakes, santa claus, rudolf and much more. For me, who has passed out of a convent school it conjures up the image of service and in particular ‘giving’.Santa_Claus_kobe

I believe that every time we go through 25th December to reach 1st January – the message is loud and clear – giving should precede receiving. 1st January is a time when we decide on what we want to do through the year, the resolutions we want to keep (or break), the goals we want to set and achieve, the relationships we want to create, sustain and grow, and all the other things that we want for ourselves. But 25th December I believe tells me a very different story. It reminds me of what I can give, who I can serve, and think of who I can make happy. Bringing joy to others is what ‘Christmas’ reminds me of. Though I grew up as an orthodox Hindu, I studied in a Roman Catholic institution and spend equal amount of time in both the Temple and the Chapel. The silence (though rare nowadays) in the temples and chapels mean the same to me.  Jesus is considered by many of us as messiah with a clear message to mankind. He is a Yogi; who realized godliness as he lived on as a simple man amongst all of us. His life and messages have a deep impact on me. I take his messages pretty much seriously and investigate them for my personal development.

My humble attempt is to live  just one of his principles namely: “Judge not others”. Every time I read about this; I feel touched and inspired from deep within. If only we can live life without judgement and treat everybody as they are and only think how we can enable them live happily – the journey on Earth will be more enjoyable than usual.

I thought I would share these thoughts that came to me early this morning with you. If you have the time, do share what Christmas brings up to the top of your mind. we would love to listen and learn.

Merry Christmas!


8 thoughts on “Why does Christmas come before New Year Every Year?

    1. Thanks for sharing your memorable feelings. I remember those lovely days we spent together. There was so much love, sharing and pure thoughts in the air. Merry Christmas!

  1. We use to actually practice this at our college.. A week before christmas each of us would adopt our class mate as chris-child and through the week we will send gifts. Not the expensive kind but thoughtful ones. Each of us would recieve from our chris-ma and give something to our chris-child. The surprises that would wait for you at your desk, the evenings you would spend planning surprise for your chris-child, the search for figuring your chris-ma – and the last day party! That one week there would be som much warmth and laughter.. Thanks Raj, your post did get back all the memories of college days and christmas!

    1. Have heard a lot about that fun game from other friends too. Glad you brought it up. I am happy that you enjoyed the post and hope living your older days for a few minutes made you feel good. That’s what Christmas is all about – “Sharing Happiness”.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Raj! Profound thoughts. How true that Christmas is all about “giving”. Somehow these days it seems to have lost it’s meaning with everything being so commercial…Jesus being born is all about “giving”

    1. Thanks Sujaya and Merry Christmas to you as well! One walk across the main roads of annanagar would tell you how we have even created businesses around christmas 🙂

    1. Thanks naveen.. and yes if we can live just one principle of any of the great men we revere.. things would be so different for all of us!

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